How you can help the project?

1) Eden

Movement need fresh ideas that will help the country overcome the crisis.
Looking for ideas that will help unite the country!
We have a lot. But to win – we must be even more!

2) People

Movement needs people! Need a little time each for the common cause!
Looking for people in the headquarters, people “in the field, people are willing to work at home
public people, the coordinators in small cities and towns
agitators, motorists, Internet users and many others.

3) Tools

Started raising funds for the support of popular protest and the creation of AUT!
Movement needs the support of everyone! Open a special account to collect funds.
Looking for Support in the production of leaflets, flags, stickers and other symbols.
Anyone who can support and to order copies – contact with the steering committee, visit “Our requisites” part of site.

4) Premises

Do you have a property that does not make money in connection with the crisis?
This is bad, but now it is everywhere. So let it benefit the country!
Movement needs facilities:
In Kiev: 500-1000 m2 – for the institutional and Coordinating Committee, 100-300 m2 – Center for Civil Society Organizations “protect the rights and freedoms of taxpayers – “Life”, a point of assistance and the press center, 100 m2 – for local and regional headquarters for presidential elections in Ukraine and the establishment of the organizing committee AUT.
In all regions, the regions of Ukraine: 50-100 m2 for the territorial headquarters AUT creation and deployment of Public Organization Center “protecting the rights and freedoms of taxpayers – “Life”.

5) Media support

Should inform the work of the Public Organization Center “protect the rights and freedoms of taxpayers -” Life “, the motion to support the establishment AUT millions of people!
We need every source, every newspaper, website, portal, blog, channel or station!
Inform: write, speak on the air, put advertising links, buttons and banners, make videos, run viral smski, ICQ and email!

We got all! We should all izmenitv Ukraine for the better, to save people from death and extinction!

Board of Public Organization
“Center of the rights and freedoms of taxpayers” – “LIFE”;

Organizing Committee for the establishment of:
• «Rankings of the World Assembly of taxpayers;
• «All-Ukrainian Party of taxpayers;
• International Ecological Project “Peace Hydrogen and Energy”;
• International Technical Consortium “New Environmental and Energy Projects»;

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