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The Question:

You know, I not faith in its uniqueness or in some special their own abilities.
I whole only specialist in several branches, but not more… Other deal that people, like me, in majority “conked” and will go on service that jackal, which at heart showers despise though nowhere near not all. Much want to believe that and I will stand together with you and never jackal to serve not figure.

http://www.vppp.org.ua – look at here.

Usual the similar type distracting small party for the next choice.
After completion next choice, the similar project, from PR, will forget all immediately,

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But there is a big doubt that it so. Rather correct and necessary accents are placed by them and are almost faultless. Even probably I guess, whose is work, someone from mine, friends, but I not undertake to confirm, I can be mistaken. I so sincerely and particularly did not write for a long time, and the main thing in essence.
I guess, probably which that I mean, and which that I know about a situation in our country. Probably authors of the project and, understand and guess that all this written by them can remain not demanded people of Ukraine …
And after all, as have managed, as have enclosed all soul and the outlooks in this powerful international project …
Here this clever person and his partners who wish to change something in Ukraine and the world, it is sincerely a pity to me, and it is a pity also heroes of the tormented country similar to them too …
Yesterday, a little to dispel the mean mood, it is sensitive esteemed and has come across records of the unique guy. Galeljuk Rostislav – his only 16, the pupil of school – a boarding school and it opposes unfair privileges at receipt even for children of orphans. In its article “” When you go at Europe, the sun shines directly in … ” or monologue dialogue Ukraine – EU” I was pleasantly surprised with the citation: “They believe, that the main is Ukraine.
. Thus all forget, or simply do not know that item 3 Constitutions claimed the main value not is abstract-amorphous Ukraine and the concrete person with its rights and freedom “. The youth grows at us! Here Galeljuk Rostislav, – still is not spoilt yet if was and on meetings EZ, but their party has not entered.
Well than he knows something – there is in it already some everyday scent … Probably, clear sincere scent a scent, this new party project in Ukraine, on creations A-UPPT presented in your materials.
It is very interesting to me to listen to the point of view of authors of this large-scale project “LIFE”. In Ukraine such transnational Kulibiny Whence undertakes, and whose brains have developed so mush program – a serious international large object.
And experts – such it is possible, will find also some other parties of the country, it is assured of it, but unfortunately not, but 100 %. Heap high quality experts, it is possible to buy, employ and pay their self-denying work for any country of the world, but it very much and very expensively for everything, therefore here smells slightly of the present patriotism and selflessness. But for the sake of what when our country was disorganized by jackals …?
To materialize all it, without presented, talented and betrayed to service to business of the people of Ukraine, the citizen of the country, the idea man, without his own mighty enthusiasm and without serious support of the people which will quickly seize this perspective modern ideology.
The people will believe in ideology, in him or in them, will follow it or behind them, I think then it will be not difficult to them to make it, and to realize the a miracle the project. I understand: “When the idea seizes weights, to become force”.
It is enough to push idea in broad masses, and it dressed in a daily reality of a life itself will sweep, and to stop it then practically will be not possible. Such my forecast here, with it mega the project here turns out. In me there is constantly a struggle against jackals in sews lives. Author and developers of this miracle! I ask you give to me concrete answers in your letter on my questions:
Who from present parties behind this project stand? How there was this unique idea? What you pursue the aim, realizing the project in Ukraine and in the world? Me as the Ukrainian, doubts pursue, and during too time I have desire to participate in your multiplane project.
I wish to understand with it and to accept for myself the public final decision or if to tell differently, to decide the further destiny and to issue definitively party accessory in this country, among 170 parties of Ukraine.
I think that your answer to my questions will interest also many other inhabitants of Ukraine visiting your sites.

Ivan Sergeivich Vivcharik – West Ukraine.

The Answer:

Dear Ivan Sergeivich!

We answer your questions.

Yes, you really seriously mistaken in their own discourses about All-Ukrainian of the Parties Payer Taxes, this project of the association of the people of the country was designed by us else 7 years back. While we concerned with the development of the infrastructure of the creation ITC “NEEP”, we have offered the realization of the project of the creation A-UPPT on association of the people of the Ukraine, all political party of the country.
But this has not interested them, since there is its political party beside each large official of the country, dead and beggary, but it.
The Patriot, on protection of the rights and liberties payer taxes and folk of the Ukraine, amongst party leader of the country – an official , we then have not found, and presently problem with them, that is with patriot of the Ukraine amongst official (see address to leader party on put).
All those speak the politicians – an official about folk and decision them his problem, lie and babble.
Themselves do not protect their own right and liberties, will not do its life by holiday, nobody you do not need with their own problem, each for itself, officials apart folk apart.
So we have taken the collective decision urgently to realize the project of the creation A-UPPT for folk of the Ukraine by itself, recommend all study the documents of the international project “LIFE” stated on our put as possible deeper (see address).
The project at most independent, he is not made neither under one official or deputy in state, nor under one leader of the country, former or persisting.
You can, as person of the Ukraine, be a President, Premier, Speaker, manage the area or city, ministry, department, plant, management, division and etc.
Present your own program economic and social development on chosen job title, as leader of any rank (even on post of the President of the country), show knowledge of the question and as you seised him on convention of the parties A-UPPT.
Folk you will support, will confirm, and let’s functioning on good of its native land since people were entrusted for you, as for the best specialist of the country.
You can to prepare the personnel provide itself change and send its big practical experience, folk will you is sincerely thanked and will pay the large severance pay for your neighborly labour into the name of country and her people.

The project “LIFE” and creation A-UPPT in hand almighty god and folk of the Ukraine – a payer of the taxes.

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Daring everything, works in Ukraine and in 79 states of the world, to party members from A-UPPT will suffice all!

We, young scientists from many countries of the world, including from Ukraine, have developed the International ecology-power and economic-legal Project “LIFE”. On the basis of introduction of High Technologies and advancement of new economic principles of development of a modern society, including on manufacture of new kinds of the goods, inexpensive energy carriers and fuel for all people and the world countries.
Party of Regions to the Project “LIFE”, as well as all others, 170 various parties of Ukraine, any relation, to general national pleasure and pride of the country, have no. It has turned out so that we with partners actively worked last 7 years over a serious theme of creation of the International Technical Consortium “New ecological and power projects” and have finished difficult works on preparation for realization of the International ecological project “Peace Hydrogen and Power with participation of 79 countries of the world.
On board of directors of the Project “LIFE” we have made decision to realize for the people of Ukraine and other countries of the world this Mega the project, on creation of the World Assembly of parties of payers of taxes, and have decided to create the first party A-UPPT in Ukraine.

As it is no strange, but anybody from us, organizers of the given project, is not torn in Presidents, the Government or the Supreme Rada. The principle of construction of our people party, on the basis of democratic centralism, therefore it in a root essentially differs from all parties existing today in Ukraine.

The chairman of the party, his assistants, as well as all heads of regional and regional party organizations A-UPPT will be actively engaged, exclusively party building, selection, training and party placement of personnel on supervising posts in Ukraine, on protection of constitutional laws and a civil freedom of tax bearers, increase of economic well-being of the people, through introduction of “High Technologies”.

Party A-UPPT will help the members with realization of the accepted Program and the Party charter in Ukraine, for the sake of protection of constitutional laws and a civil freedom of payers of taxes. These documents differ radically from similar documents of all parties before registered in Ukraine. At each party organization it will be created and to work “the Center of protection of the rights and freedom of payers of taxes “LIFE”. Lawyers of the Center – party members, will assist free of charge, and to solve all problems of members A-UPPT – payers of taxes.
To be financed the party project; it will be exclusive at the expense of membership dues of payers of taxes of Ukraine. Party membership dues of everyone, will go exclusively on protection of party members – payers of taxes of the country, from that disgrace and a national grief that they constantly feel on themselves, but at the same time and finance against the will when taxes in the budget of the country pay and contain all state machinery, a so-called superstructure. We are compelled to contain all army of state officials of the country, for the daily personal humiliation and the insult.
It is insulting, but it is the fact that is all occurs in the world to tax bearers.
Unfortunately, everywhere in the world, is a same problem at payers of taxes. We contain, at the expense of the work, the whole army, time of worthless officials and drones, including the President and his secretary, the Government, the Ministries and departments, Parliament with deputies of all levels etc. is important for noticing that it occurs in each country of the world.
80 % of officials in the country, duplicate each other, try to change for itself the whole branch institutes which too are financed by us from the budget, many make wrong, incorrect and erroneous decisions, cause an irreparable damage to economy of our state, put on us, the worthless experiences, on a survival of the people of Ukraine in extreme conditions.
How many it is possible for us, to forgive errors made heads of our country for last 20 years, to cover their lack of talent and to fulfil all people of Ukraine external debts of the country.
The pledges of an external state loan, credits under the state guarantees, interstate loans and credits and etc., there is a credits of World Bank and IMF, the European Reconstruction and Development Bank. Who when and as will repay these mad public debts which they have created, plundering ours with you the country and creating itself, the direct and indirect successors, personal riches.
Yes Pasha Lazarenko, a small nasty sheep, in comparison with these todays, pterodactyls. It is necessary to return it urgently to Ukraine and to understand with its problems. Probably for these, skilfully created debts, should answer all those who not effectively operated all these years, as the manager state Ukraine economy, has put an irreparable harm to economy and safety of the country, and it was intentionally enriched.
It is necessary to create urgently in the country Independent National bureau, investigations with unlimited powers which will be accountable in new conditions, country developments, only to the Supreme body of Ukraine, and it will be generated by the majority of party members from A-UPPT – really people party of our native state.

Citizens of Ukraine remember that the project “LIFE” economic-legal, and a policy therein on a background. We realize only those projects which unite the country and the people of Ukraine
But, unfortunately, for carrying out of serious economic transformations and the decision of a question of restriction of the immense power of officials given by them in Ukraine, to the country people – to payers of taxes, it is necessary to take lawfully in hand the political power in the country. Party A-UPPT will strictly supervise work and action of all worthy promoted workers, high quality shots directed as it to serve interests of the people of Ukraine and the country.
We will help the rascals, all people, all world to turn their secret pockets and to return wholly in the economy, all stolen granaries of our favourite Ukraine.

All parties which were at the power and which not in a condition were to protect our people, the property of the people and the state of Ukraine from plunder, and they’re not replaceable party leaders – officials, should answer strictly before the higher national court, for that intolerable national grief which they have brought to all of us, for these 20 years of our inhuman sufferings.
At the expense of ours with you of daily titanic work, officials of our country live not badly, live and clover and to us “help to live” in a communal grave. Scoff at us, extort bribes, fabricate criminal cases, create to us intolerable conditions and everyday problems, and to it lobby inconceivable privileges and paradise vital conditions for ours with you the account. Steal constantly our money from the budget, state employees do not carry out the official and functional duties, as intermediaries between the people and delegated by it, us, country people’s power.
Officials of the country, from us payers of taxes, have made the presents “sadomasochists”.
They have torn off from us, unreasoned taxes last skin, scoff at us and receive from it pleasure. They try in every way not only to keep quantity of officials on all country which we contain, but also to create them new workplaces, for the expense of means from the budget. For what you ask?
The answer idle time, such quantity of officials is not necessary for the people and the country, as they, to 20 times in hierarchy of public service duplicate each other and carry out one and the same work. Duplicating and disturbing each other in work, they are necessary only to those who today in power.
These officials will provide through the administrative resource, work on gathering of voices on elections in favour of their candidate and a guarantee of their possible arrival to the power, and is contained all we payers of taxes at the expense of the budget generated by us. It is good to be the kind and generous official – the head for another’s account, for ours with you of the abacus.
When in the country the real sector of economy is disorganized, Gross National Product falls, there is no filling of a budgetary basket, social problems of tax bearers on one point are not solved, to spend a tax money, to buy and give apartments to officials, all that who does not participate in real industrial sector of economy, a crime.
A plague is during a feast. Desire to adhere to it of officials to buy their voices and subordinated by apartments today, to increase salaries and to give out at our expense various tips, it is public relations a course of the power of officials, for ours with you the budgetary account, including advertising translation on TV.
It’s has come time for them to answer. Today the all officials of the country, at our expense and on our shoulders, are torn to the power, whom not laziness to represent the benefactor, are torn to the power.
Mutual responsibility, forgery and concealment among officials have reached high perfection. Courts, Office of Public Prosecutor, Militia, GAI, SSU. The ministries and departments, correctional facilities, service of court enforcement officers, the Executive Committees of the City Soviet of People’s Deputies and regional executive committees, city and country councils, housing – municipal services, and tax inspections. People are Deputies, the Government, the President, its secretary, an administrative office of the President. Sanitary epidemic services, firemen and so on … …
All this “official a host” is directed against us payers of taxes and own the people, a problem at them, to increase the number for power deduction in the country, to extort and tear off from us as much as possible money in the country budget, on the decision first of all the problems, maintenance of favourite by the salary, privileges and pensions. Social problems country because by a residual principle.
A-UPPT considers that “cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth”. The Lord Heads, provide at first the decision of all social programs in the country and our society, and then deal with a question, how many you can afford, at our expense contain officials in the country.
If you a problem with formation, with knowledge of a question or simply do not have brains on a life, the advisers, assistants and journeymen contain please and for the personal account, create him living conditions, but not at the expense of the budget.

For this purpose we, payers of taxes of Ukraine also go to the power to “brush” disgraces which have been put 20 years ago by those who has disorganized the state Ukrainian and has tired out tax bearers of the country under a bench, as fleet dogs.
We it is natural today, with officials of our country while anything we cannot make, their majority in all authorities, they have grasped all key posts in the country, under a sensitive management of the leaders – officials. But it while we are not has united, for protection of the rights and freedom.
Unfortunately, for these 20 years all is very started in the country, including in destiny of all tax bearers of the state. Today we are compelled, against the will to contain and finance all their whims, all these years imaginary dependence of tax bearers in the country, and the strong power of officials, as a sign of our sincere “gratitude” for their mockeries at us.
We are compelled, under the laws registered by them to defray all their unreasonable expenses (various housing and municipal indemnifications, telephone conversations, office transport, improvement in boarding houses, also we incur their other costs at the expense of the country budget).

Because they for all of us, even “with soul block tribune SR”, for years write and cannot pass any necessary law for us and the people of Ukraine. But the salary to itself row from treasury regularly. Officials like us protect, but it is somehow strange, protecting us from itself and from the silly whims.

Practically it turns out so that they protect, first of all themselves and the privileges, privileges, pensions and all other pleasures which have from us, for ours with you the budgetary account, and this it is clear, “The shirt is closer to a body”. All national problems leave on a background when the question concerns own person.
The people to officials of the country, are necessary only when it is necessary to buy cheap voices on elections, here they then search who is will be on sale once again on similar and the reasonable price.
It is necessary to enter urgently the law, on the criminal liability of political party, the public and other non-governmental organisations, associations, their leaders and heads, for payoff of voters and intervention into selective process during the elective company.

The People’s Deputy receives today 500 grivnas per day, and we should last and live for such sum of money the whole month, the whole 30 days.

Presidents, the Governments, Parliaments of the countries and furthermore People’s Deputies of Ukraine know that they have given to the people, have torn off from itself, and they as anyhow will live every possible miracles: “Magic tablecloth”, “Goldfish”, “By magic”, “the Cap the invisible being”, “Magic wand”, “Boots fast walkers” etc.

They have finished us excessively, particularly our time has come, to exchange to us with them in places, and to give all of them their miracles, and in exchange let will give those blessings which they at us, have impudently selected.
Horror! It is time to us to this general national “happiness”, to put the irreversible full end!
As a result of our dialogue in the project “LIFE” and behind its limits, the correct decision, was accepted organizing committee not ordinary, but in our opinion.
It is necessary to finish urgently Program and Party charter A-UPPT working out, to prepare “Anti-recessionary program A-UPPT” and to start urgent realization of the economic-legal project, namely to create in Ukraine the first-ever All-Ukrainian Party of Payers of Taxes (A-UPPT), organizational structure of the transnational project of the World Assembly of Parties of Payers of Taxes (WAPPT).

Dear Friends!

Is really interesting to you if the given project “LIFE”. If you are capable together with us something in this life to change to the best, namely, to make something useful to the people in the country.
If you have conclusive talent and knowledge concerning increase of an economic level of development of the state, defensibility, safety of the country and a theme of creation A-UPPT a beret for soul you, your friends, close companions, the family take the most active part in the project “LIFE” and in creation A-UPPT.
It is real chance of youth of Ukraine and to all active people of the country to grow professionally, something to reach and promote in a life, to realise scientific and a mental potential.
The project “LIFE” is extremely self-sufficient project of Patriots of Ukraine, without participation of officials of rascals and werewolves from the present power in the country.
Wish, something to change and make for the country and the people, become a number and work for the blessing of people, protect them from experiments of worthless officials from the power.
All parties in the country are parties of officials, their leaders and a dense environment from People’s Deputies. These parties involve and occupy small sector of electorate, therefore are called as sectoral. These parties support those broad masses which, they are on friendly terms with officials of the country for money, which unscrupulously “drag offend” at the people.
People? Yes, it as is present at the corruption scheme of reception of the power officials of the country, it involve for mass meeting.
Surprisingly, but to us for creation party A-UPPT, even the administrative resource is not necessary. For realization of the project “LIFE” in Ukraine, presence of the people in the country which actively dies out, from strong “love and care” the President, the Government, the Supreme Rada and official the authorities is important.

Our theme “LIFE” consists of two projects presented on two sites:
– Economic
– < http://www.peaceful-hydrogen.com>
On introduction modern “High Technologies”
– Economic-legal
– <
To protection through WAPPT of constitutional laws and a civil freedom of payers of taxes of the concrete country and the world as a whole,
Certainly, if at us in the near future, it will turn out to find such – Patriots as our fighting command and our worthy environment in Ukraine. To spend a re-registration of one of our entrusted parties of the country in A-UPPT (i.e. one of 140 parties congenial in the country) our party A-UPPT, in January, 2010, will go monolithic million numbers on presidential elections of Ukraine. We will actively search for the national hero in Presidents of Ukraine, from party of Tax bearers.
Let’s to do, there we will look, Japanese speak.
Protect itself, the family, children and grandsons in Ukraine, therefore dared in fight for the constitutional laws and a civil freedom. Study party documents on a site.

Our President of Ukraine from party of payers of taxes, unlike candidates for Presidents of other parties of the country who are created under the concrete high-ranking official of the state, walks the streets today the countries and at all does not know that hi will be the President of Ukraine.

At the desire of all Ukrainian people, Congress A-UPPT will confirm the worthy national President of Ukraine and will solve, whom we will put forward on this high post, in the country. Party A-UPPT will strictly ask from the President and from all party members A-UPPT directed to work in the power.
It is now important to us to find and choose the ideological partner and with him to go into battle and defend the rights of the people of Ukraine, namely – payers of taxes. Recently officials from the state and the power have very much restrained and have curtailed the rights of tax bearers and the people of Ukraine, protecting itself and the official the rights, for ours with you the account and our national money.
Deputies it is elected representatives of the people to who trust public free works in the country for the blessing of all society. This high trust of the people of Ukraine, it is necessary to highly appreciate it, instead of to pay dearly, for debt execution.

So that you the Dear friend in vain, doubt capacity the project “LIFE”, instead of having understood and without having studied all materials on sites of the project “LIFE”, speak unreasoned till the end of a thing.
We recommend to you and to all inhabitants of Ukraine, study well presented documents on a site and participate in the project “LIFE”, for the sake of the country, the expensive people, and the family, for the sake of the families, children and grandsons.

The project “LIFE” is a public project in which all tax bearers of the country can participate.
Fill the QUESTIONNAIRE on a site <
http://vppp.org.ua/contacts/join_the_party/>, and send it in our address!
Participate in party building A-UPPT in country regions; aspire to be one of us in party and state building.
Involve youth and graduates from high schools of our country! We will create new highly paid workplaces, on base “High technologies” and we will start to live, as all normal people in the world, selling the invaluable professional work, for the adequate money, capable to defray our family expenses and requirements on education, formation and development of our children and grandsons.
Read documents on a site, ask us the questions, write letters and submit the offers. Let’s change our life to the best, and we will get rid of everything that is constantly oppresses in this life. Trust misters Ukrainians we, as well as all nations of the world are talented.
Only, it is necessary to all of us not to sit, fold a hand and to wait for a miracle by nature or from the worthless leader of all people of Ukraine, and to decide the destiny and to do good changes in the social society, it is necessary to get rid of all superfluous in our life that creates serious problems to us, our families and children. Good luck to you and good friends, in our multinational project.

Remember friends that our experts, party members A-UPPT will work in 79 countries of the world, on introduction of High of Technologies”, look a site:

Dear Sirs!

The International Project “LIFE” and the project of creation A-UPPT, has unique, correct and concrete modern answers to this and many other sore points occurring in a society, very difficult and burning questions of the present of life:

– How to close unequivocally question with corruption and plunders in the country of times and on always?
– How to deal with an eternal question with the earth in the country, having protected interests of all interested persons,
– How to hold free of charge general inventory in the country of all and all?
– At the expense of what to contain country correctional facilities, a tax money not for this purpose?
– How to make profitable and criminal places of work of officials non-profitable and even unprofitable for them?
– How to lower criminality in the country and to reduce quantity of prisoners?
– As well as at the expense of what to make the free: a food at school, treatment in hospitals and all education in the country in average and the higher school?
– How to achieve that the planned budget of the country, was strictly carried out, and all social problems in a society dared without failures?
– How to make habitation for party members A-UPPT and the population of Ukraine under the price the cost price plus of 15 %?
– How to understand with legality of privatization?
– How to return in a national economy, illegally taken out means?
– How to restore economy of Ukraine and to deduce it within 10 years, in the category of the advanced states of the world?
– How to reduce to 70 % fiscal structures of the country and not to lose the control over economy of our state, having created thus new workplaces in the country?
– How to create real sector of economy, internal itself the sufficient market of manufacture of the goods of works and services, to provide their stable internal consumption?
– How to lower several times, for the account “High technologies” cost and internal consumption of all kinds of energy carriers?
– How to extinguish creditor debts to borrowers of banks in short terms?
– How to extinguish to the investors, at once all debts of the Savings Bank?
– How to return to the enterprises the depreciation charges which have been taken away from them during board of Kuchmy L.D.?
– How to lift pensions to all categories of payers of taxes in 3 times?
– How to cancel the VAT, in the country, without a damage of economy of Ukraine?
– How to lead the accelerated scale amortisation and restoration of the basic means, manufactures in the country?
– How to lift and revive on chernozem and in the country agriculture of Ukraine, at the first stage to leave on gathering volume in the country from the same areas of two crops in a year, and we will start to introduce new high technologies and to pass to cultivation of two crops in a year in the country?

Respectfully and best wishes your authors of the International Project “LIFE”.

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